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About Us
Sommer Coffee Automatic was founded in 1966 by Mr. Peretz Sommer and has established itself, during the years, as the leading manufacturer and distributor of ready powders for hot and cold drinks and holds almost 50% of this market in Israel. The company plant is located in the new industrial zone "Siebel Park" near Rosh Ha`ain.

 Corporate Vision
The vision of the founder, Mr. Sommer, was to broaden the line of coffee products marketed in Israel and create a production line that will cater to every person`s taste. Another goal that Mr. Sommer set to accomplish was to always offer high quality products, made of the best ingredients, approved by the health authorities, guaranteeing their quality and yet at the best price.


Among the customers of Sommer Café Automatic you can find leading companies such as: IBM, Comverse, Verint, Electra Israel, Wolfson Health Center, Yedioth Ahronoth (the leading newspaper in Israel), the national Electric company of Israel, as well as operators of vending machines and independent distributors to restaurants and institutes. Sommer Café Automatic also fabricates powders for different leading coffee and food chains under a "private label".


The company produces and markets more than 30 different tastes of powders (a few bland of cappuccino, different varieties of ice coffee, French vanilla etc.), which are distributed to vending machines operators, to the institutional market, restaurants, coffee shops and chains as well as the retail market.


The company has a wide net of distributers globally and is keep finding new distributers.
Trust and decency are our most highly important values which allows us to maintain long and good relationship with our distributers worldwide.

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Sommer Coffee Automatic ltd-manufacturing, export and marketing drinks powders for food and beverages preparation - www.coffee-sommer.co.il © all rights reserved
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